Air Horn Compressor :

Those looking to find an air horn compressor, will find that the Superior Horns website is the only online site that will allow them to find an air horn compressor which is not only affordable, but which has been manufactured to last. The 1.2 Gallon compressor air tank can be purchased via our website for the price of just $139.95 and considering the regular price of this air horn compressor is close to $180.00 - customers of Superior Horn stand to save close on $40.00. The 1.5 Gallon tank and compressor air supply system has been designed specifically for all high pressure air horns which need on an onboard air system and the air horn compressor is supplied with a huge 1.5 gallon or three liter air tank, with 100 PSI heavy duty compressor, air pressure gauge and pressure switch. The air horn compressoris the perfect choice for all types of motor vehicles, including boats and it can be used on all 12 volt vehicles. Like the other products which are supplied by Superior Horns the air horn compressor is easy to install and once purchased via our site, the compressor is supplied with all the necessary hardware, including the hose and mounting hardware and it comes with detailed installation instructions.

If you want to view the other air horn compressors which are offered via the Superior Horns website, such as the 1.5 gallon air tank or compressor, among others, take a moment to visit the website, Like the 150 psi air horn compressor, the 150 psi air horn compressor is a perfect fit to all SUV's, RV's oats and trucks and it is suitable for all 12 volt motor vehicles and is simple to install. The product is supplied with an electric fuse holder, and all mounting hardware and fittings are manufactured in brass. For online users who are keen to view the full technical specifications and features of the air horn compressors, feel free to browse the website.

Whether you are looking to purchase an air horn compressor or a horn which has been specifically designed for motorcycles, boats, to trucks - the Superior Horns website is the best online site to source horns, as well as emergency lighting and sires. All shopping can be done conveniently online and our site has been designed to allow easy and simple online shopper. In light of the fact that Superior Horns will ship all purchases which are in excess of $15.00, those who opt to buy the air horn compressor on our site, will enjoy free ground shipping. Feel free to find out more about the versatile and easy to install air horn compressors, and learn more about the other products which are offered on our site via Superior Horns website. For those who are keen to remain up to date with the latest in air horn compressors or horns, they are urged to sign up for our free e-newsletter and they will continually receive update on the latest in air horn compressors and other horn accessories.


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