Musical Air Horns :

Air horns have been around for several decades originating in the trucking railroad industries as warning devices. While the majority of these horns are designed to create a one or two chord note that is piercing enough to be heard by everyone as a warning, the seventies saw a completely different variation on the theme as several companies developed musical air horns. No longer were truckers restricted to a single blasting note as these horns were actually designed to play excerpts from different songs. The first popular musical air horns played the opening notes from the song Dixie and became an instant hit with many truckers. Sales of these horns skyrocketed and trucks from coast to coast were soon heard blasting this tune everywhere they went.

Not content with installing them on their trucks it was not long before truckers began to put them on their personal vehicles. The fad soon spread like wild fire to thousands of cars, vans and pickup trucks throughout the country. Being able to play Dixie was just beginning for musical air horns as the demand for more variety in tunes began to heat up. The next tune to become popular was La Cucaracha and was soon being heard from under the hood of thousands of cars. More tunes were sought by those who wanted their own personal sound to come from under the hood and announce their arrival or departure and the industry was only too happy to oblige. This demand led to the creation of fully programmable musical air horns. The programmable models gave the user a selection of up to 100 or more different songs to choose from at their fingertips. Suddenly the country was awash in college fight songs; a variety of opening bars from classical music such Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and many more.

It was now quite possible for a person to install a fully programmable musical air horn in their car and set their own theme tune so that it was played every time they hit the horn button. While musical air horns no longer seem to enjoy the huge surge in popularity they once had in the 70s and 80s, you can still hear them from time to time. Many areas actually passed ordinances prohibiting their use after many complaints about the noise and distraction they caused. You are more likely to see them on show cars and in RVs than anywhere else today, but they are still a lot of fun to have and to listen too. At Superior Horns you will find a selection of musical air horns as well as a wide selection of automotive and truck horns that will fit in with your every need. No matter what type of horn or siren you are in need of you will find it here in their online catalog. You will also find a selection of sirens and emergency light bars as well as tow truck lighting systems. These top quality items are all offered to you at prices far below retail and come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


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