Musical Horns :

Imagine the fun of being able to pull into your friend's house and let them know you have arrived with a blast of your musical horn. There are many different models of musical horns on the market from simple air horns that can only play on tune to all electronic ones that can play thousands of different tunes that will keep you amused for many long hours and keep your friends laughing with delight. Musical horns have been available in one form or another for at least three decades and rather than going away are becoming more sophisticated. In the beginning the first musical air horns played one simple song, "Dixie" and were found mostly on the trucks that plied the highways and byways of the US. This was not to last long as people began to see the potential of this type of horn as yet another way to personalize their cars and trucks.

Many of the early musical horns required and air compressor that had to be installed under the hood leaving you to place the horns either under the hood or outside on the body of your vehicle. You had to mount a switch on the dashboard of your car to operate them and install the wiring yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Today electronic musical horns have taken the place of many of the old air horns and are much easier to install. You can still buy air horns but they are not as popular as they once where and may be harder to find. With many of today's electronic horns all you have to do is mount the PA style horn under the hood and provide it with a 12V power source. With the use of a remote control you can then play any one of the preprogrammed tunes. How many songs the musical horns you buy can play is directly related to how much you are willing to spend.

At the lower priced end of the spectrum you can still buy single tune air horn sets or electronic ones that will play one or two songs. At the upper end of the price spectrum you can buy horns that can play over one thousand songs. For those who want to create their own personal musical horns there are some that can be programmed to play the tune of your choice. Musical horns can be a great novelty item and many have found homes on classic cars, customized cars and trucks. One of the most popular genres of vehicles that can still be found sport a set of musical horns is the recreational vehicle. Perhaps this is because the RV symbolizes being on the road and having fun. If you are interested in buying and installing musical horns on your vehicle, Superior Horns is your one stop shop that carries a wide selection of horns to choose from. You will find all of their prices are far below retail and all orders over $50 qualify for free shipping.

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