Strobe Lights :

Strobe lights are used on most utility vehicles to provide warnings to other users on the road or to ask for priority of way in emergency situations. They are also used in clubs to create and increase the party mood. A strobe produces regular flashes of light which is employed in aviation anti collision lights, emergency, law enforcement vehicles, in sports as running lights or scuba diving warning lights. They are gradually being replaced by LED lighting. The use of strobe lights may be regulated in some areas as they are known to aggravate or cause epilepsy in photosensitive persons. For this reason, strobes that are sold to the public are limited to 10 - 12 flashes per second. This recommendation is not perfect since a good number of vulnerable persons will be affected even at this level. Some authorities have recommended even lower flashes, as low as t flashes per second, a level at which only 5 % of photosensitive person will be affected. Also it is recommended that flashes not continue for more than 30 seconds to limit discomfort and disorientation. Superior Horns stocks two kinds of strobe lights for emergency and utility vehicles. Priority 2 strobe mini light bar

" Made by Wolo the PRIORITY 2 has two powerful strobe lights that produce 16 joules. " Each strobe light double flashes 80 times per minute and is built with a diagonal mirror between the lights for greater visibility. " The lens is constructed of strong polycarbonate and each light has an internal fresnal lens to magnify the light greater distances. " All magnet models come with a coiled power wire that has a cigarette lighter plug. " It is made for all weather conditions, maintenance free. " Dimensions: L- 15.75" x W-7" x H-5.25

Amber strobe tow truck light bar (Infinity 2) " Lenses are replaceable and made from strong carbonate, which has been optically enhanced for maximum visibility. " A rubber gasket is built into the upper lens to ensure a watertight fit. " It is designed with dual light levels, with the main strobe warning light on top section, and six-(6) flashing marker lights, two powerful alley lights and a takedown light in the lower section. " Infinity-2 is a maintenance free light that offers more light features then most other light bars that cost more. " Features high intensity STROBE lights that provide better vision at greater distances, ensuring greater safety to the user.

Easy strobe light buying from Superior Horns

" Bellow 'recommended retail prices- no middle man " Whole pricing available " High quality and durable materials " 30 day refund or exchange policy " Free shipping on orders as low as $75 " Wide selection of emergency lights making for a one stop shopping Buying strobe lights from superior horns is a simple process. With free shipping starting at as low as $ 75, you do not have to buy unnecessary merchandise to benefit from free shipping, topped with a friendly return policy.


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