Truck Air Horns :

You will find truck air horns on a wide variety of vehicles today ranging from the big rigs that barrel along the highway to personal cars and SUVs. While they were once intended to be used as a warning device in much the same way as any other horn, the number of people who have installed them on just about any type of vehicle you can imagine. There as many reasons for installing this type of horn on a vehicle there are different styles of horn on the market. Even the railroad made use of truck air horns when the switch from steam locomotives with their steam powered whistles gave way to the modern diesel locomotive. The diesel had no way to produce steam, but they all use compressed air to operate many systems including their brakes. This meant that there was plenty of available air for powering the horns. Air horns are also loud enough that they can be used to provide plenty of warning at railroad crossings, even in today's congested traffic.

Train horns may have started out as truck horns, but today they have been modified to be not only louder but operate at a different tone to make it much easier to identify the sound as either a train or a truck for safety reasons. This came about after a nasty accident in which a train was mistaken for a truck and made the need for a more unique sounding horn. At the same time if you live near railroad tracks it would be unwise to install a train horn in your vehicle. Most truck air horns consist of at least two actual horns that are operated simultaneously by pulling on a chain or cord inside the cab. Air for the horns is drawn from the same air reservoir that supplies air for the brakes on the tractor and the trailer. This way as long as you have air for the rest of your truck you are going to have more than enough for the horns.

For those who wish to install truck air horns on their personal vehicle you can find sets that have as many as four trumpets and create sounds as loud as 152 decibels, which is as loud as the standard train horns in use today. Since your vehicle probably does not have its own onboard air compressor these horns come with their own compressor and everything you are going to need to install your new horns and start blasting everyone's ears. When you are ready to install a set of truck air horns on your vehicle you need to take a look at the selection available at Superior Horns. Here you will find a wide selection of chrome plated truck and train horns to choose from. All of them come as kits that include everything you will need to install them on your vehicle. With Superior Horns all orders over $50 are shipped directly to you free of charge. You will find that they carry a wide selection of horns for every possible application.


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