Boat Horns :

Trying to find boat horns that will get you noticed, the Superior Horns site is a horn supplier that is committed to offering premium quality boat horns, and more than just boat horns, online horn shoppers are able to source the biggest choice of top quality of horns, including truck horns, car horns, SUV and ATV horns, and the selection can be made from electric and air horns. In fact whatever horn you need, be it boat horns or SUV horns, the Superior Horns website has a horn for you. However, notwithstanding our massive selection of premium quality horns, the price which the boat horns can be purchased on our website, are far lower than the regular retail prices and the purchase of a boat horns are guaranteed by Superior Horn's buyer satisfaction, and should buyers not be entirely satisfied with their boat horns, Superior Horn will give them a full refund, provided that the boat horns are received in the same condition that it was sold. Most of our horns are suitable for just about all motor vehicles, but we do offer the dual chrome boat horns which are for use only on marine vessels.

The dual trumpet boat horns are manufactured in 304 stainless steel, non magnetic grade steel and the polished finished of the dual boat horns will prevent the horn from rusting or discoloring and this horn offers a loud 125db sound, sure to allow the smallest of boats to be noticed. The boat horns have been designed for both inside and outside use and in addition to being used as boat horns, the dual chrome trumpet horns are just as good for use in RVs, SUVs and trucks. The horn is maintenance free and installation of these boat horns are simple and require little skill and as opposed to other boat horns, the dual chrome trumpet does not require any additional compresses or hoses. To listen to the sound which is created by the boat horn, visit the Superior Horns website and click on the sound link to appreciate the extra loud sound of the boat horns. Take a moment to go through the other horns which are offered on our website,

The boat horns are available on our site for the low price of just $89.95 and when compared to the retail price of $129.95 - buyers of our boat horns can save themselves cash on their purchase of boat horns. The boat horns are supplied with the rubber gasket, and the mounting hardware and detailed instructions on how to install the boat horns. If you are looking for horn that will get you noticed - the Superior Horns website is the only online site to source the widest selection of premium quality horns. Other than the affordable and good quality boat horns, we also offer sirens and emergency lighting. The stainless steel construction of the double trumpet boat horns have made them the perfect horn to withstand the elements of a marine environment, and are guaranteed not to rust or tarnish.


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