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Mounting a loud air horn on your vehicle is one great way to arrive announced wherever you go or simply for fun. But Horns are also important for safety in some instances; firemen need to be able to make their presence known so other road users can let them have safe passage. Superior Horns has a wide selection of horns to fit any budget and taste. You can choose from a wide variety of loud air horns depending on your needs and budget. They also sell musical horns so you can 'pimp' up your vehicle. They have air horns, electric horns, motorcycle horns, musical air horns, sirens, truck and train horns and marine and compressor/air tank horns. Why buy a loud air horn from Superior Horns?

" 'Bellow 'recommended retail prices- no middle man " Whole pricing available " High quality and durable materials " 30 day refund or exchange policy  " Wide selection of emergency lights making for a one stop shopping A selection of loud air horns from Superior Horns

Compact dual trumpet air horn This horn can be used on any boat, motorcycle, car, truck, van, SUV, ATV, or motor home, fitted with a 12 volt electrical system. It is compact enough to be fitted in tight spaces; under the hood or at your existing horn mounting location. No tubing to hook up since compressors and trumpets are all combined in one compact unit. It comes with loud dual tone high/Low sound. The very easy 2 wire installation instructions are included. Dual chrome trumpets marine horn It is made of 100% stainless steel, 304 non-magnetic grades with a bright polished finish that will not rust. Therefore it will not rust and will last in the outdoors and is ideal for boats in a salt water environment and RV's, SUV's Trucks. Will sound at a loud 139db horn Loud chrome motorcycle air horn It is one of the newer products from superior Horns.

Trumpets are chrome plated metal. Will replace your original horn or can be installed as an auxiliary horn. It comes with weather protection covers, heavy-duty maintenance free 12 volt compressor, mounting bracket, hardware, air tube (electric wires not included), and instructions. It is easily installed on any Motorcycle (drilling required). Will dress-up and enhance the appearance of any motorcycle. It can be fitted on any of the popular motorcycle brands like Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and BMW. 3 Trumpets 152 dB Loud Train Air Horn Kit This is a powerful horn, made entirely of metal. Because it is triple chrome plated, it can withstand all weather conditions. It comes with a 1.6 gallon (6 liter) air tank, 150 psi 12 volt heavy duty air compressor, air pressure gauge, pressure switch, hose and mounting hardware. This air horn system will produce a super loud train sound at 152 decibels, and surely will get anybody's attention around you. It will be great for SUV, truck, RV and marine use.


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