Motorcycle Air Horns :

Riding a motorcycle can give you a sense of freedom that no other form of vehicular transportation can. There is nothing quite like feeling the wind in your face as you cruise down the road on two wheels. That is until someone cuts you off and the ride comes to a sudden stop. In many cases if the driver of the car had realized you were there, the accident probably would not have happened. If he had been able to hear your horn he might have been able to hear you, motorcycle air horns can solve this problem with sheer volume. Most motorcycles come with a single electric horn that is just loud enough to meet with the standards established by the government. While this might seem like it is loud enough when the bike is turned off and sitting still away from the day to day noise of heavy traffic, it can suddenly become quite inadequate on a busy road. Traffic noise can quite easily drown out the sound of your factory installed horn. You will find that motorcycle air horns are generally loud enough to overcome this problem.

Unlike your factory horn that was built in such a manner as to meet federal standards while still keeping the cost as low as possible, motorcycle air horns are made to be heard. There have been many accidents that could have easily been avoided if only the person in the car had been able to hear the horn. Air horns are built to be significantly louder than the stock horn for this purpose and have been proven to save lives. One of the biggest reasons that car and truck drivers give for hitting a motorcycle is that they simply did not see them until it was too late. If you install a set of motorcycle air horns on your bike, they might still not be able to see you but when you blast them with your horns they most certainly will be able to hear you coming. While motorcycle air horns may be similar in appearance to those that are used on big trucks and in cars they are somewhat smaller in size.

This does not mean that they are not just as loud, in fact they are matched decibel for decibel to those that are sold for automotive use. They are made to be easy to install and are chrome plated so that the look good on your bike. These horns are designed to be operated using your factory wiring harness so that you do not have to install any extra wiring. If you are ready to make your ride a little safer by adding a set of motorcycle air horns you should take a close look at the variety available at Superior Horns. Here you will find chrome plated air horns that are sure to look good on your bike and are loud enough to ensure that everyone hears you coming. The next time you go riding, make sure you have a set of air horns installed and blast anyone who tries to run you off the road, it might save your life.


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