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Of all the sounds you really would rather not hear coming up behind you while you are driving down the road, police sirens are probably the most feared. The sound of a siren automatically makes you feel as if you have done something you are going to get pulled over for even when you really know you have not. In most cases the police cars end up going whizzing by after someone else, leaving you shaking with relief. In one form or another police sirens have been in use since the advent of the police car. They are used for many different reasons as a warning device. Sirens are intended to be loud enough that they can be heard from a distance and in many cases when the person in the car ahead has the windows rolled up and the radio on. As cars became more soundproof and car stereos became louder so have the sirens to make sure that people will still be able to hear the police officers approaching. In the earliest days the police sirens were operated by air that was moved through the siren when a hand crank was operated.

This design did not last long as it made it very dangerous for the driver to try and operate the siren and drive safely at higher rates of speed. The next most logical move was to create a siren that could be operated electrically freeing the driver to concentrate his attention on his driving. Many of these were created by adding an electric motor to the original style siren instead of building a completely new design. This led to the completely enclosed police sirens that could be mounted under the hood or on the roof of the squad car instead of where the drive could reach them to operate them. This style of siren remained in use for decades and although the sounds may have changed over time was still being used in many cars until the latter part of the 20th century. They were easy to install, were capable of generating sounds up to 100 or more decibels in volume and required virtually no maintenance.

Modern police sirens have joined the digital world, instead of relying on electrically generated wind to create the sounds they use an electric horn. Not only is this type of siren much louder and more efficient, but it allows the officer to choose from several different sounds. You will find that most police departments use different sounds to indicate different levels of emergency or as a way to gain people's attention more rapidly. At Superior Horns you will find a selection of electro-mechanical police sirens as well as all digital models to equip your vehicles. These sirens are all top quality and designed to provide you with years of service whether you are using them on a squad car or another form of emergency vehicle. You will also find a complete collection of emergency vehicle equipment at affordable prices that are among the lowest on the web.

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