Train Air Horns :

The Superior Horns website is a site that offers horns for virtually all vehicles, and whether you are looking for train air horns or a horn for your motor vehicle, you will find that our premium horns are not only of the best quality but are offered at prices which are far below the retail price. When buying train air horns via the Superior Horns website, all buyers are assured of the fact that their satisfaction is important to us, and to this end, if buyers are not 100% happy with their purchased train air horns, we give them a full refund, provided the train air horns are received in the same condition that they were sold. In addition to supplying the ultimate train air horns, we also offer sirens for many emergency vehicles - be sure to view our selection featured on our website,

The types of train air horns which are offered on our website include the four trumpets 152 db loud train air horn kit, which is sold on our site for the incredible price of just $329.95. These particular train air horns are supplied with a 1.5 gallon tank, 150 PSI 12 volt heavy duty 150 psi air compression, air pressure gauge, pressure switch and mounting hardware and these train air horns are guaranteed to produce a super loud train sound at 152 decibels, and to this end, it is a great horn for a truck, RV or SUV and it is used by many boats. Before making a purchase on these train air horns, play the train air horns sound via our site and appreciate the sheer deafening noise that train air horns offer. The other train air horns types include the four trumpet 152 db loud train air horns, which is offered at the special price of just $213.95 and the four horn trumpet train air horns, which is now available at the extraordinary low price of just $114.95. Whether you are looking for horn accessories, Viking horns, or emergency lighting, are sure to pay a visit to our site and find the right horn sound for your SUV, RV or boat.

The triple chrome plated train air horns are a must have for every SUV or truck driver and these incredible train air horns offer powerful train air horns signs that were created with the vehicle owner who wants to install train air horns to his motor vehicle but is concerned about space. These train air horns are easily installed between the radiator and bumper and are supplied with a 12 volt HD air compressor, relay and hose as well as all the mounting hardware and all the instructions needed to all the DIY train air horn fitter to install these powerful train air horns to their motor vehicles or boats. Again, the sound which is produced by this chrome plated train air horns can be heard on our website. To view the wholesale opportunities which are offered by Superior Horns, or to simply browse the massive selection of train air horns which are available, be sure to visit our site and place your order for the very best in premium quality horns and lighting.


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